"I've been taking drum lessons with John Joe since 2010, back when I was an absolute bginner and didn't know a paradiddle from a flam. A more patient, knowledgeable, and above all, likeable tutor you'd be hard pushed to meet. If you're finding something difficult or hard to grasp, John Joe will find another way of teaching you which nine times out of ten works. My experience is that he'll tailor your drum lessons to your own personal needs which has the effect of making the lessons fun. And having fun is what learning an instrument is all about, right? And I never thought I'd be able to read any sort of music, but thanks to John Joe, I can now. Anyway, what more evidence of his capability do you need than a person who gets incredibly nervous in exams (i.e. me) gaining distinctions and merits in my grade exams"?

Rich Goodall - Student

"John Joe! Great guy! Patient, very reliable, amazing drummer, great teacher! Good laugh! All round great guy!... Legend!"

Sean Mahon - Student

"Not every band has a drummer under the stairs, mine has and he's one of the best. Pleasure working with you Jon-Joe. Any type of music, any speed. Brilliant!"

Paul O'Leary - Musical Director  

“I met jj because my drummer had an we had no time for a long rehearsal... I sent some mp3s for him to listen to,then the gig came about and I met JJ...he was great easy  going and extremely pro on stage delivering a rock steady back beat to some tunes he wasn't even  familiar with. The audience lapped it up as if we had rehearsed and played the set many times. That was how good JJs drumming was. A great guy,punctual,pro and is very good to work with both on stage and off. Over the years I've played with many people including the great Albert Lee on guitar and found JJ to be a great drummer with a  great own style and flair and very quick at adapting to any music and situation”.

Shawn Harvey – International Rock and Roll artist 

“Shawn Harvey and] the B57’s came all the way from Germany to play at Old Nicks Tavern on Saturday, a rock and roll band to the core. Due to a prior engagement the drummer could not play this date so John Joe Gaskin came to recue and learnt about 30 songs with 2 weeks notice so the show could go on. Never having met the band, John Joe performed as though they had been gigging together for years, if no one said anything, you would have never have known”.

Old nicks tavern newsletter

"John Joe Gaskin is a serious drummer who puts on a real show when performing live. His enthusiasm and considerable skills will no doubt be reflected in his teaching".

Mike Sturgis – Head of Faculty ACM, Rhythm magazine, Asia, Wishbone Ash 

“I would like to recommend John Joe, as one of my most courteous,attentive and well studied students. think he will make a fine teacher because he is patient,caring and an all good round bloke. He also is a very accomplished player, and have no problem in recommending him to you as a teacher”.

Alun Harries – ACM Tutor, Bee gees, Tori Amos, Welsh Symphony Orchestra 

"John Joe was a memorable student at ACM. His commitment, hard work, innate drive and generosity in the classroom will make him a fine teacher. I would be proud to say that my child is being taught by John Joe"

Leo Sutherland – ACM Tutor, The New York Fund, Session Musician

 “John Joe Gaskin is a solid rock drummer with a great charismatic playing style. I am sure he will grow into a fantastic teacher to boot!”

Stu Roberts – ACM Tutor, The Dhol Foundation, Brian Adams, Evelyn Glennie 

"As one of my ACM students, you have shown keen intent towards your study of drumming, and often been receptive to my suggestions related to your musical development."

Windsor Mcgilvray – ACM Tutor, Hugh Cornwall (ex Stranglers), Brian Tench (Kate Bush, Tina Turner), Rhythm Magazine  

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